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Glass bongs viewed as high art


Glassmaking is an ancient art form that has been jumpstarted in recent years with glass water pipes and bongs gaining popularity.

While bongs have been around for thousands of years, there is a big difference today in glass bong art design from ancient times and even during the 1960’s when “bongs” only meant one thing. Today, it is bubblers, bongs and way beyond with all sorts of bong sizes and types. In brief, the use of glass bongs is linked to various “percolators” and modern diffusion methods to enjoy a wide variety of substances commonly used in these unique glass creations.

Another aspect of glass blowing and glass bongs is linked to making glass into something artistic, beautiful and fully functional for the user. In fact, there are many glassblowers who share their art online today at YouTube and other trending art and glass bong websites. The goal is to share this popular art form that fans say is simply “mesmerizing” in terms of the bong’s creative beauty, design and function.

Blowing glass as a creative technique

The glass blown “bongs” have creative names such as “Kneeling Ancient Goddess,” or “Baraccuda Buddy” or even “Cornflower Friend.” The idea is to come up with innovative techniques and glass blowing styles that find their way into becoming bong creations, explained a longtime glass blowing artist commenting about his craft online. The artist said there are basic and high creative glass blowing techniques that can be easy or even very difficult. The result is a glass piece of art that is called a “bong” or even a glass work of art that can be enjoyed in many ways, added the glassblower when sharing his art form online.

Blown glass becomes cool bongs

As the online glass blowing market continues to drive more and more artists into creating every sort of bong imaginable, there are art expos and other presentations that now celebrate glass blowing and the rise of the glass bong as a mainstream work of art and expressionism. It is no secret, for example, that glass bongs are now a big favorite for all sorts of people who appreciate this awesome use of glass.
Overall, there has never been a time in human history when glass blowing and glass bongs have been as popular or trending as it is today.