Make hand-blown bongs with love

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Artists creating cool glass bongs

It is featured online at trending websites, and that is why there are so many users texting, e-mailing and singing the praises of new glass blowing creations and glass bongs. In fact, the glass art scene in America and overseas is now proclaiming today’s glass marketplace as literally “exploding” with thousands of different glass bong designs. It is much more than just a “pipe dream” that glass blowers are turning to bong designs for pieces of art work being shared online and in galleries, say glass blowing artists.

Moreover, there is a movement today with hand-blown and glass beat created artworks that are called “bongs,” but have a wide range of uses. There are even trending art galleries that are promoting “bongs” as hand-blown creations that are filled with colors, meaning and true artistic creation.

Overall, there is a steady rise in the appreciation of glass blowing and glass bongs as more than just re-designed glass. The view from artists and other who enjoy glass bongs is to think of it as elaborate works of art, or jewelry or even something else.