Make hand-blown bongs with love

Glassblowing and rise of glass bongs

There is a trending art form known as using glass to create glass bongs.
The craft and art of blowing glass into various and shapes requires a lot of creativity, dedication and patience, say longtime glassblowing fans commenting online. In fact, this very ancient process has its roots back some 4,000 years ago in ancient Egyptian where glass was used to create colorful objects and beads. Flash-forward to 2016, and there are all sorts of colorful and creative glass bongs featured online at various websites. Follow this link to find gorgeous glass bongs.

Another aspect of turning glass into specific designs and shapes is linked to creative people who enjoy making new and modern forms out of glass. For instance, glass bongs are trending with people from all walks of life in what is described online as today’s “modern art glass movement.” This movement involves a wide range of artisans who now offer and sell their creations online at popular websites.

Evolution of glass bong design

The glassblowing achievements and techniques perfected in the Sixties have now given rise to glass blown “bongs” that reflect a change in society’s use of glass for both art and practical personal use. For example, there is now specialized glass that now requires a low forming or melting point for creative use in creating delightful hand blown art forms that are literally created from all types of clear and colored glass. These modern methods are used today in creating popular glass pipes, bongs, bubblers and other trending glass-made creations.

The many uses of glass blowing include:

    – Making multi-stemmed or single glass instruments for recreational use.

    – Creating bongs without known risks of bacteria and other toxins found in metal and other bong materials.

    – Enjoying the bong “status symbol” that is artistically shaped and colored glass for personal usage or public display.

    – Evoking ancient times with these bongs that hold various popular components that users enjoy.


In general, there is wide-world of glass blowing used today for the creation of popular glass bongs. The bong has its origins in ancient Thailand; while the Thai word “bong” or “baung” means a cylindrical glass tube or pipe.

Overall, there has never been a better time to collect, create or enjoy glass blown art creations in the guise of glass bongs and other glass shapes that are nicknamed a billy, moof, bing or simply a water pipe.